Oumers Rock Climbing Harness Review

Oumers Rock Climbing Harness Review

When it comes to climbing safety equipment, there are a few things that you have to bring along, without question. One of these pieces of gear is a climbing rope that will allow you to climb in and belay. Another part of your climbing kit that is crucial for your safety is your climbing harness, and that is what we will be discussing today.

Your climbing harness is the piece of your kit that is responsible for attaching your rope to your body. Without your harness, you wouldn’t have a convenient method of ensuring that you remain tied in and safe for the duration of your climb. There are many other reasons why a harness is a crucial part of your gear.

If there is one piece of your kit that you do not want to fail, it is your climbing harness. Should your climbing harness fail on you part way through a climb, your safety will be entirely in your hands. This is not an ideal situation for any climber, regardless of whether they are a beginner or not.

Oumers Thicken Wider Climbing Harness.

Being able to trust your climbing harness means that you will be much more comfortable undertaking a climb. If you have doubts about the safety of your harness, you should not be making an ascent in the first place. Finding a safe harness should be your priority and responsibility as a climber.

When you are improperly tied in, or you are using a harness that is potentially unreliable, you are possibly endangering the other members of your climbing group as well as yourself. Wearing a quality climbing harness is not only for your sake but for the sake of all of the climbers around you.


You will want your climbing harness to be as versatile as possible as it may end up saving you money in the long run. A more versatile climbing harness can end up being used in a broader range of situations so you may not have to end up investing in several harnesses for different climbing disciplines.

A more versatile harness will often be equipped for a range of situations. Some designs will not be customizable, but other harnesses may even feature a modular design that allows you to customize them for the next climb. Modular designs are less common than the former option, however.

Harnesses that are more versatile will tend to be more expensive than models that are meant for a single use, but you will find that money that you will save on a separate harness will make up for it. Keep in mind that there are a few downsides to harness that is more versatile, surprising as that may be.

More versatile climbing harnesses tend to be less specialized than other options, so they will be less suited to particular tasks. If you are only going to be doing one type of climbing, you will want to stick with a harness that is specialized for your specific discipline for maximum climbing efficiency.

The Product


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    The waist size of this harness ranges from 30 inches to 59 inches
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    The leg size of this harness ranges from 17 inches to 31 inches
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    This harness features frame construction for more even weight distribution
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    Features doubled straps on the leg loops and the waist belt for reinforcement
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    The waistbelt and leg loops feature a breathable mesh on the inner surface
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    The waistbelt features DoubleBack buckles to allow for quick, easy adjustment
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    Comes included with a free carry bag for your harness

If you are looking for a climbing harness that is affordable without sacrificing capability or comfort, this harness from Oumers is an excellent option. Thanks to a combination of good build quality and helpful features, this is one of our favorite full-size beginner climbing harnesses, let’s take a closer look at it.


This harness is designed for use by climbers who are just getting into the hobby, but that doesn't mean that it is a poor choice for more advanced climbers looking for an affordable option. Many features make this harness suited for most types of climbing, including indoor and outdoor.

Oumers Thicken Wider Climbing Harness.

The frame design of this harness helps ensure that your weight is distributed as evenly as possible while you are hanging. This harness may be bulkier and heavier than a minimalist harness for the same price, but you will also find that the weight distribution is much more even on this model.

This model is an ideal choice if you are not a fan of minimalist climbing harnesses for any number of reasons. The inclusion of a free carry bag with each purchase also gives you a convenient option for the storage and transportation of your climbing harness.

What Others Say

Many buyers were impressed with the value for money offered by this climbing harness. If you are looking to get into the rock climbing hobby and you don't want to invest a few hundred dollars in a harness, this is an excellent option. This harness also received praise for its durable, long-lasting construction.

There were some negative reviews about this harness as well; some of these reviews mentioned that these harnesses tend to run a little large, so you may not wish to buy one if you are smaller. Aside from issues with sizing, there were not too many complaints about this product.

Buying Advice

As we mentioned earlier, the value for money that you get out of this harness is nearly unmatched. You will find few full-sized climbing harnesses that are this reliable for such a reasonable price. This climbing harness model can typically be found at retailers for around 50 dollars.

Oumers Thicken Wider Climbing Harness.


If you want the most affordable beginner climbing harness that you can still be sure to rely on, you have found it in this model from Oumers. Finding the right climbing harness is a crucial first step towards your climbing hobby. Feel free to leave a comment down below.

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