Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet Review

Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet Blizzard Review

When you’re going rock climbing, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. You’re going to want the best gear that you can get and if you’re considering getting the Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet, you’ll want to read our review first.

In our review, you’ll learn about the features of the helmet, an overall summary of what people had to say about the helmet they received, and finally, our recommendation. If you struggle with trying to find the perfect helmet for your next outing, keep reading!

Features Of Black Diamond Helmet

Black Diamond helmet review

The Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet is a hard-shell rock-climbing helmet that’s available in five different colors and two sizes: small/medium (48 – 57 cm) and medium/large (55 – 61.5 cm).

The helmet features a hybrid design that gives the wearer excellent protection, while still being comfortable to wear, thanks to the large polystyrene interior cap. There’s a dense foam padding on the inside that is covered in a comfortable material that absorbs some sweat. Don’t worry, you can remove the lining for washing.0

  • Hybrid design with molded EPS foam and generous ventilation
  • Suspension's custom wheel adjuster allows for improved fine-tuning of fit
  • Headlamp clips are the most secure headlamp attachments on the market
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    The most durable helmet Black Diamond makes

This helmet features a click-wheel mechanism that is used to tighten the fit of the helmet. The large wheel is coated in a soft rubber-like material which makes it easy to use with or without gloves. 

It’s worth noting that the adjustment wheel offers a wide range of adjustability, which makes the helmet comfortable for almost anyone to wear.

Another unique quality about the adjustment wheel is that you can raise or lower the wheel depending on what you find comfortable. You also have the option of adjusting the V-yoke on the chin strap so that you get a perfect fit.

The Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet isn’t the lightest helmet currently available. It weighs in at 12.1 ounces, and while that isn’t incredibly heavy, it’s not the lightest option out there. With that said, there isn’t much ventilation with this helmet.

There are seven small vents strategically placed around the helmet that allows for some air flow, but you may still get hot. This is an excellent helmet for those who enjoy climbing in wet climates because with fewer ventilation holes, you won’t get as wet, but you’ll also be a little warmer when climbing in such climates.

What People Are Saying

Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet Blizzard Review

When looking at what customers had to say about this helmet, we were pleasantly surprised by how many positive reviews there were.

Many customers said they’ve purchased this helmet not just for rock climbing, but for other activities such as skydiving, hiking, caving and more. People felt that this helmet was pretty comfortable, thanks to the soft gel pads located on the front and the forehead.

Customers appreciated how easy the adjustment dial works. One person said that a medium/large size helmet comfortably fit their head, but it could also be adjusted so that it will fit a six-year old child’s head.

People who reviewed this helmet also said they liked that this was lightweight, but it didn’t feel like it was cheaply made.

They went on to say that the materials felt sturdy and they also went on to say that there was ample ventilation to keep their head cool while climbing. Several people said they were quite impressed by the price, as this helmet is more affordable than comparable helmets with the same features.

Although many people had great things to say about the helmet, there were a few people who had some problems. The most common complaint people had was that the fit of the helmet was too small.

One person warned that if your “skull doesn’t match the mold of the foam interior,” the helmet will become uncomfortable and even painful to wear. Others reported that even when double checking with Black Diamond’s sizing chart, the helmet they received was too small and it needed to be returned.

Customers also said that they didn’t feel like there was enough padding in the back of the helmet and after wearing it for a while, it started to hurt the back of their head.

Others have said that if you wanted the helmet for small children, this product isn’t going to work because when the helmet is adjusted to the smallest size, there’s no front protection, as the tensioning is all in the back.

Some folks said they felt weird wearing this helmet because the design of it is on the small side and they felt it looked like they were wearing a children’s helmet. This, of course, is a personal preference and not a clear reflection of the helmet.

Our Recommendation

Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet Review

If you’re looking for a helmet that is going to be affordable, comfortable, durable, and offer you great protection, we think the Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet is a pretty good option. It isn’t going to be the lightest helmet on the market, nor will it offer you supreme ventilation.

The ventilation holes are located on the sides of the helmet, which proves to be ineffective at keeping you cool because when your head gets hot, that heat rises. Since there aren’t any holes in the top of the helmet, the heat is just going to stay in the helmet, keeping you hot.

We do like this helmet because it is headlamp compatible, thanks to the four latches that are built into the vents. Some people feel that the adjustment system is out of date, but if it’s not broken, no need to fix it – and this adjustment system works quite well.

When you’re out looking for a new helmet, you can pick up this one, knowing that it will keep you protected on your climb.

Our Rating

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