Black Diamond Aspect Climbing Harness Review

Black Diamond Aspect Climbing Harness Review

Out of all of your pieces of climbing gear, if there is one that you will want to trust, it will likely be your harness or your rope, and one will not help you without the other. This is just one of the many reasons that you will want to ensure that you find the best climbing harness. If your safety isn’t a good enough reason, we have plenty more.

For example, your climbing harness is one piece of gear that you will nearly always be wearing, regardless of the type of climb you will be making. If you are always going to be wearing a climbing harness, the least you could do is invest in a model that is comfortable enough not to cause any inconvenience.

Black Diamond Aspect Harness


While a climbing harness may not be the flashiest piece of gear that you can invest in, it may be the wisest investment you can make. Other types of equipment can wait to be upgraded, but you should always make sure that you have the safest climbing harness possible, as it may be the only thing between you and serious injury.

Resist the temptation to spend your money on climbing shoes and gloves when buying your first set of climbing gear. While it can be tempting to get a fancy pair of climbing shoes, you will be much better off with a more comfortable climbing harness, especially is a beginner climber who is bound to fall.

You don’t want to be left hanging in a harness that will pinch and irritate your skin, so you will want to invest in a model with a reasonable enough level of comfort.


Remember that you will always want your climbing gear to be as light as possible. Every additional piece of climbing gear will add weight to your total, and it will make it more challenging to complete your ascent. This is why it is so much harder to climb in colder environments where you need heavy clothing.

Since every additional pound of weight will slow down your climb or make it more difficult, you will want to find a climbing harness that is as light as possible without compromising in other areas. While lighter harnesses are typically preferable, you will want to avoid a model that is too light.

If your harness lacks substance, it may have difficulty arresting your fall. You will typically want to find a reasonable compromise between the size and weight of your harness and the amount of force that it is capable of arresting. Most harnesses have a low-density design to eliminate any excess weight.

Keep in mind that minimalist climbing harnesses will typically be far lighter than full-size models since they will lack the metal buckles and other features that make them so heavy. More experienced rock climbers tend to prefer minimalist climbing harnesses for their light weight and low profile.

The Product


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    This climbing harness is meant to be used in a range of temperatures and conditions
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    The bullhorn waistbelt features dual core construction for enhanced comfort
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    Features a nylon shell that helps protect the rest of the harness from wear and tear
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    Features a speed adjust belt buckle that can be tightened or loosened single-handed
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    The leg loops also feature speed adjust buckles
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    There are four gear loops, each of which is pressure molded for resilience
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    Features four ice screw slots for use by ice climbers
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    Features a haul look with a rating of 12 kN

If you are looking for a harness that is equally effective in cold weather or warm weather, there are few options that can match the Black Diamond Aspect climbing harness. This model is equipped with a range of features that ensure that it is one of the most versatile climbing harnesses around.


This climbing harness is meant for climbers who like to rock climb as well as ice climb. There are many features present in this harness that you would expect to see in an ice climbing harness, but it is versatile enough to be used by someone who purely rock climbs with no issue.

The nylon shell of this harness helps prevent it from any friction damage over time. While this harness will still wear out over time, it will happen at a much slower pace than it will occur on other harness models. This added durability is ideal for customers who want more value for their money.

There are four slots on this harness that are compatible with ice screws, so this model is suited for use by ice climbers. The addition of speed adjust buckles on the legs means that this harness can easily be used with the thicker pants that are popular with ice climbers.

What Others Say

We went through a decent number of customer reviews so we could get a better idea of what people thought of this harness. Most buyers were impressed with how useful this harness is for climbing during the winter. Other customers praised the Aspect harness for its improved versatility over other Black Diamond models.

There were also some complaints about this harness, unfortunately. Some buyers had issues adjusting this harness while wearing gloves, which is unfortunate for a harness that is meant to be used in cold weather.

Most of the other negative reviews were about minor issues such as sizing.

Buying Advice

This is one of the more pricey climbing harnesses that you will come across, especially when you consider the minimalist design, but it is worth it due to its versatility.

Since you can use this harness in either cold or warm conditions, it is as if you are getting two climbing harnesses for the price of one.

Black Diamond Aspect Harness



The Black Diamond Aspect is a harness that is ideal for climbing in all conditions. We hope that this review has proven helpful for you. Should you have any questions, feel free to let us know your thoughts down in the comments section below.

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