The 10 Best Rock Climbing Gyms In The US

The 10 Best Rock Climbing Gyms In The US

Rock climbing used to be a pastime reserved for the seriously adventurous, and they would spend their spare time practicing on the edge of a cliff somewhere getting their skills right.

Thankfully, the world has now caught onto the craze and now almost every town in America has its own gym to attend.

If you’re looking for a rock climbing gym in your hometown or just want to see what else is out there, this is the list for you. We’ve found gyms that offer a challenge and others that are more for fun, so they’re definitely all worthy of checking out.

#10: LA Boulders, Los Angeles

LA is a town full of adrenaline junkies and people are always looking to follow the latest fitness trend. There are ample rock climbing gyms to take advantage of here but the clear winner has to be LA Boulders.

LA Boulders, Los Angeles

This rock climbing gym Los Angeles is suitable for all skill levels and refers to itself as the plastic paradise, which climbers can agree with. They have 17 foot high walls and over 200 boulder problems to overcome, so it’s a fun challenge for anyone.

#9: Ubergrippin Indoor Climbing Crag, Denver

This rock climbing gym Denver is aimed more at the family experience of this adrenaline-pumping sport, with a huge focus on getting kids and teens involved. That doesn’t mean serious climbers won’t get a kick out of it though and considering it opens at 6 am you can get an early workout in without being bothered.

There are fun events like yoga, youth camps, and climbing for fitness so there’s definitely plenty to do in the one location.

#8: Mission Cliffs, San Fransisco

When you’re looking for the best rock climbing gym San Francisco, the locals will know exactly where to point you. Mission Cliffs is a huge establishment that’s been around for years and offers over 2,000 square foot of bouldering.

Their lead walls go up 50 feet and there are extra facilities like a workout room and yoga on offer. Some of their members of the month are displayed and you can see just how amazing the real-life cliffs are that they’ve scaled, just to give you some extra inspiration.

#7: The Gravity Vault, New Jersey

Not only is this the best rock climbing gym New Jersey, but The Gravity Vault has other locations around the country, too. The Hoboken gym has a seriously impressive 25,000 square feet of rock to scale but their other locations are just as impressive.

The Gravity Vault, New Jersey

Noted as the first indoor rock climbing franchise, it’s easy to see that this was made with climbers in mind whether it’s your first or 100th scaling.

#6: Phoenix Rock Gym, Phoenix

The largest rock climbing gym Phoenix is also the oldest, operating for 26 years now and opening in 1992. Their space has certainly grown a lot but they remain a favorite for those serious about rock climbing.

One of the coolest things about this gym is their rock climbing competitions for those who consider themselves experts, but they’re also a great spectacle for everyone else to see. There are over 17,000 square feet of rock to enjoy and they welcome people of all ages and experience levels so there’s no need to feel scared.

#5: The Front, Salt Lake City

This is a club for serious climbers and it’s always been known for that ever since it opened. The Front started as a bouldering club but progressed into something so much more since then.

This climbing group is intended for people who want to build their skills and always push themselves, but there is plenty to do for others. Complimentary yoga and fitness classes keep your significant other entertained as you climb and there’s also weight training and cardio to make you a better climber.

#4: Brooklyn Boulders, Brooklyn

For the climber who likes a bit of personality from their climbing wall, Brooklyn Boulders is an alternative way to scale that rock. What started as a smaller gym in Brooklyn has now expanded to other locations around the country, but still keeping that edgy vibe that it’s always had.

Brooklyn Boulders, Brooklyn

It’s decorated with graffiti and art, there’s always interesting music playing, and it’s become just as important to socialize with other climbers there as it is to challenge yourself on the rocks.

#3: Climb So iLL, St. Louis

This is a seriously creative gym that doesn’t just feature standard crags to climb, but rather giant eyeballs, purple elephants, and other colorful displays.

Climb So iLL is truly unique when compared to other rockclimbing gyms and has been open since 2012 with plenty of devoted followers. If you want to mix things up a bit and add more fun to your climbing routine, this is the place to be.

#2: Earth Treks, Maryland

This was one of the first rock climbing gyms in the country, opening in 1990 and growing into something bigger and better along the way. Earth Treks is a great choice for beginner climbers or those who want to hone their skills and they work with a lot of organizations to try and educate people about all aspects of climbing.

They have guest speakers, gym to crag workouts, and separate teaching areas that let you learn the ropes without feeling intimidated.

#1: High Point Gym, Tennessee

As one of the only rock climbing gyms in America to have both indoor and outdoor climbing spaces, this one definitely deserves a spot on the list.

High Point Gym, Tennessee

If you prefer a natural touch to your climbing experience then you’ll appreciate the options, but to try something even more exciting why not do their night climbs where the walls light up for an amazing experience. 

There are different themed rooms and spaces for all kinds of climbers to challenge them, so nobody feels left out.


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